Using Acrylic Displays as Part of Your Home Decor

January 10th, 2017

While acrylic displays are an integral part of the retail industry today, you also can use these elements to decorate your home with in various ways. Since these displays are durable and easy to clean, they are suitable to place in all rooms of the house from the kitchen to the bedrooms. Uses for these acrylic units ranging from hanging posters to holding kitchen utensils or recipes. Select the ones that suit your purposes in an ideal manner.

Hang Posters on the Wall

Flat acrylic units are available to help you exhibit posters on the wall without a frame detracting from the focal point of this type of wall decor. Teens can use them to worship their favourite music or movie icon, you can display a collectible poster from bygone days or a number of other types of posters.

Showcase Kitchen Tools or Recipes

Keep your tongs in an acrylic holder for easy access for just one use of these units for the kitchen. Another kitchen use is to display recipes in a convenient manner during your food preparation process. The acrylic will protect the recipes as well from splatters and spills.

Protect Awards or Delicate Decor Items with Acrylic Domes

Turn to acrylic domes to protect and showcase delicate decor items or awards. While the domes are clear, you can select from black or white bases on them. Ideal elements for decorating shelves or tables when attractive or sentimental items are under the domes.

Display Photos and Pictures with Acrylic Photo Units

An effective way to show off your photos or other types of pictures is with acrylic photo units. You can find these in a variety of styles and sizes. On top of this, you can use sign holders of various types to display photos and pictures.

Use an Acrylic Unit to Display Your Favourite Coffee-Table Book

To display your favourite coffee-table book in a place of honour, set it on an acrylic book easel. With this easel, you can close or open the book to accomplish this task. Also, you may use this type of easel to hold a book while you read it.

When in search of acrylic displays to use as part of your home decor, seek no further than Acrylic Display Industries. Our company specialises in this type of display units and carries a full line of choices for your consideration. With over 40 years in the plastic industry here in Australia, we guarantee high-quality goods and services with each order that we fulfil.

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