Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic and Acrylic Displays for Business Cards

October 6th, 2017

With all the digital advertising today, businesses still need to be certain to get their business cards into the hands of clients or customers. While the employees can pass or mail them out to recipients, another viable way to approach this goal is to place the cards in recycled plastic or acrylic displays that allow the clients or customers to take one when they need it without assistance from an employee. If you are unaware of the benefits to displaying business cards in acrylic or recycled plastic units, read our following list.

1. You Can Purchase Transparent Acrylic Displays

The transparency of acrylic is one benefit of using displays of this material to present your business cards in a convenient and an attractive manner. Clients or customers can easily see that the cards have all of your pertinent contact information and will most likely, take one to ensure that they can communicate with you without confusion when the need arises. If you prefer a coloured display, though, there are ones in black made from recycled plastic that still allow for easy viewing of the business cards.

2. The Durability of These Displays

Another advantage of using acrylic or recycled plastic displays for your business cards is the fact that they are durable with normal use. As a result, you receive a high return on your investment since you can realise years of use with these displays.

3. Different Models Are Available

Since all businesses differ in their layouts, you can select from our following assortment of acrylic or recycled plastic display units:

Six-pocket, wall-mounted business card holders in clear acrylic
Triangle business card holders in clear acrylic
Four-pocket business card holders in clear acrylic
Two-pocket business card holders in clear acrylic
Freestanding business card holders in clear acrylic
Four-pocket, sustainable business card holders in black and contains recycled plastic
Single, portrait business card holders in clear acrylic
Eight-pocket, sustainable business card holders in black from recycled plastic
Eight-pocket business card holders in clear acrylic

4. Affordable Options for Displaying Business Cards

Both the recycled plastic and clear acrylic displays are reasonably priced options for offering your clients or customers your business cards. You will not stretch your budget excessively by selecting one of the above models.

5. Easy to Maintain

All of the models listed in this information are easy to maintain with normal use. Just dust and wash them with a mild detergent when necessary. Do not use caustic chemicals on them since these will destroy the look and condition of recycled plastic or clear acrylic.

Contact Acrylic Display Industries or peruse through our website for further information about our products and company. We ensure quality and timely service with each of your orders.

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