How Foyer Stands Give Out a Modern Feel to Attract Customers

January 27th, 2017

When a retail store or other type of business needs to post information in keeping with the modern style, foyer stands may just be a suitable solution. Stands such as these come in a variety of styles and can accommodate menus, sales ads, directional signs and other elements to inform customers or visitors of certain useful details. Since they do not require a large amount of floor space to use, you can place these stands in areas of limited space when necessary without interfering with the surrounding setup. Discover additional facts about these stands in the following details.

Possible Uses for Foyer Stands

• Sale ads for various products or services
• Directional signs to point the way
• Information about products on display
• Line markers for banks, retail checkouts and other places
• Menus at the entrance of a restaurant
• Other uses throughout various companies and organisations, including realtor offices, tourist agencies, educational centres and more

You Can Adjust the Height and Angle of the Stands to Fit Your Purpose

The height and angle of these stands are adjustable. At times, the angle of the frame part of the stands needs to be altered to allow the public to view the information clearly. Other times, the height of the stand needs to be shorter to allow for its inclusion into displays or you might require a taller height for standing alone on the floor.

Both Portrait and Landscape Positions Are Possible with the Frames

The frames on the stand can be in the portrait or vertical position or the landscape or horizontal position depending on the type of material that you need to display in them. A feature such as this allows you flexibility with the types of brochures, menus or other informational publications that you need to place on display in your establishment.

Foyer Stands Complement the Latest in Modern Decor

This type of stand complements today’s modern decor and furnishings in an attractive, stylish manner. On top of this, it is versatile enough to blend with other styles such as contemporary, traditional and eclectic.

Other Benefits of Foyer Stands

• Lightweight for optimal portability
• Simple assembly methods
• Durable to last over the long term
• Require minimal floor space
• Ideal for both low and high traffic locations in your establishment

Acrylic Display Industries offers various styles of foyer stands along with other types of display products. Consult with us to discover which ones will suit your business needs. Our goal is to assist your company as it strives for success each day. Your satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance to us.

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