Acrylic Pedestals and Display Stands for Plants

December 11th, 2017

If you own a retail establishment then you know that every inch of your space is valuable. There is no wasted promotional space, every product choice and shelving selection have to make sense. We obviously believe in the power of acrylic displays and today we are going to dig deeper than your conventional acrylic shelves or simple holders. Today, our focus is going to be on using modern-looking acrylic pedestals and display stands in order to show off plants for both purchase and decoration.

The Power of Acrylic Pedestals

When it comes to acrylic displays, they are not all made equally. Today’s focus will be on acrylic pedestals and display stands so let us get right into it. Acrylic display pedestals are rectangular displays that come in a variety of different finishes and thickness gauges. These displays are particularly useful for showing off products that you want to highlight or products that you want to have isolated from the rest of your merchandise.

When it comes to showing off plants, an acrylic display stand can be the ideal choice. Our acrylic pedestals range in size, shape, colour and finish. The type of acrylic gauge you choose will decide just how durable and heavy your plant can be. Finding the right acrylic pedestal that complements both your plant and your store can be as easy as leafing through the different options in our catalogue.

Promotion through Display Stands

As we noted above, acrylic display stands can be ideal choices from a marketing perspective. With so much of your store dedicated to promoting products, an acrylic display stand is a great way to change your customers’ eye-level while grabbing their attention and pulling in their interest. Plants on display stands look particularly attractive because they are highlighted and accentuated by the size of the pedestal below them.

Another great reason to turn to acrylic pedestal stands for your plant promotion is their durability and cleanliness. Acrylic is a remarkably durable material that lends itself to being cleaned quickly and efficiently. Acrylic displays can be wiped down with a cloth and quickly reset for use. Merely take your plant off of the display before wiping it down, making sure to sweep away any loose dirt or fallen leaves.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Acrylic Display Industries Pty Ltd, we have prided ourselves on supplying our customers with the right acrylic displays for their products. With over 40 years in the industry, our acrylic products and expertise can help set you up for success in your future endeavours.

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