Menu Boards for Cafés and Restaurants: Why Use Acrylic Displays

December 5th, 2017

We believe that one of the most important aspects of running a business is how you present yourself. A customer should be able to walk into your restaurant and clearly see exactly what it is that you are offering to them. When customers feel like they have to work to get information, they’ll end up dissatisfied before even trying your food! In the never-ending hunt for business optimisation, we believe that there are benefits to be had by turning to acrylic for your menu boards and table-top displays. Why do we advocate acrylic? Well, we are glad that you asked.

Acrylic Displays for Restaurants and Cafés

Here at Acrylic Display Industries, we believe that you need to optimise your business as often as possible. Whether your goal is to save money or improve your quality, our acrylic displays can help you achieve your goals. If you haven’t read much about acrylic as a working material then you likely don’t understand the positive impact it can have for your company. Let’s take a moment to look over the value that acrylic has as a material before seeing how it can improve your menus and display areas.

Acrylic as a Material

Acrylic is a type of plastic that is created using some form of acrylic acid. Acrylic plastic allows us to craft unique displays thanks to the natural qualities of the material. Acrylic plastic is lightweight, transparent, and easy to mould into whatever size, shape, or form that you might have in mind.

Of course, the very flexibility of acrylic material is the largest drawing point for many business owners. Being a pliable material allows us to work with acrylic to make it the colour and shape that you need, thus giving you a unique and custom-made product for your café or restaurant. You aren’t going to be shopping for simple, prefabricated displays that you’d see at any number of other establishments in the area. Instead, you are getting something unique and specific to your business.

Looking past flexibility, acrylic also offers you the chance to have durable and long-lasting menu displays in your establishment. If you’ve ever had a glass display, you know the heartbreak of seeing one fall over and shatter. Acrylic plastic is shatter-proof and can take quite a beating. One of the major perks of the material is that you can simply wipe it down at the end of the day with a cloth and look as good as new. Most of all, acrylic plastic is incredibly affordable which is a great quality for businesses looking to lower their overhead.


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