When Should You Replace Your Acrylic Displays?

October 16th, 2017

A popular method for showcasing merchandise for sale today is the use of transparent acrylic display units since they come in multiple sizes and shapes, and are tough enough to last for years. Even though these acrylic displays are durable, easy to maintain and long lasting, there comes a time to replace them with new ones. You want to utilise the displays as much as possible before replenishing them with current models, but not beyond the point of them being attractive. Below, we share some of the signs that point to you needing to replace an acrylic unit for displaying your products.


Over the years, displays of acrylic may turn from completely transparent to having a yellowish or other shade of discolouration. While you can still see your products through the acrylic, the displays no longer have an attractive appearance to entice customers to your merchandise with in an effective manner. Replace the displays to keep the customers coming back for more products.

Scratched Beyond Repair

During regular maintenance of your acrylic displays, you can polish out minor scratches to renew the finish. At times, there are too many scratches or the scratches are too deep to perform this successfully. Time of new displays when this occurs.


Cracks are another reason to replace your displays. Even a small one can lead to the display breaking completely and damaging the merchandise that is in or on it. This may mean a loss of profit. Buy a replacement before this type of damage occurs in your business.


When you clean your acrylic displays with harsh chemicals you can cause them to become cloudy instead of nice and clear. If this occurs, you cannot repair the displays, as this is permanent damage.

Stand Breakage Is Another Reason to Replace Acrylic Display Units

Certain acrylic display units come with stands in order for them to sit on the floor or on the counter. When these stands no longer perform their purpose in the ideal manner, you may need to replace the entire display and not just the stand. It all depends upon the design of it.

To learn further reasons why you should replace your acrylic displays, contact our company, Acrylic Display Industries. We specialise in all types of these displays from poster holders and shelving to freestanding units and brochure holders. All of our products are of durable materials and contain expert workmanship to ensure that they last as long as possible for your company. We guarantee satisfaction with each order that you receive from us.

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