Illuminated Case Displays and Their Benefits for Your Retail Store

September 26th, 2017

Retail stores greatly benefit by using case displays, in fact, they can’t be successful without them. Being able to display merchandise in an attractive manner is paramount for boosting sales, and in this regard there are many types and sizes of case displays that retail stores can use. That is why custom designed case displays are common, as these can be constructed in a way that best serves retail stores by being able to present products to their customer in the best ‘light’ possible.

In a constant search for better ways to display products, merchandise, and signage in retail stores, using LED lights to illuminate display cases has become a standard practice now; a practice that yields big results.

Illuminated Case Displays: Glass versus Acrylic

Illuminated case displays are ideal for showcasing special products and merchandise, which makes them perfect for retail stores. When LEDs or halogen lights are used in a way that best presents products in a good ‘light’, products sell better than when compared to products placed on non-illuminating cabinets. While glass case displays have been around a long time, illuminated acrylic case displays are now the preferred choice of retail stores, for good reasons:

Lightweight: Compared to tempered glass, acrylic case displays are lighter, which makes them easier to move around in the store, and, they are more durable than glass display cases.

Strong and Durable: Acrylic case displays are durable and strong, and these can hold a large number of heavy items without collapsing, or shattering like glass. In fact, these types of cases can also withstand impacts and falls without breaking apart.

Compared to glass, acrylic display cases are just as clear and provide maximum optical clarity. Also, acrylic does not reflect light like glass, so customers have an unobstructed and non-distorted view of illuminated store products.

Business owners and managers of retail stores can better draw attention to their products with illuminated acrylic case displays, making these a great way to boost sales and to attract customers inside their stores, to generate even more interest in other products and merchandise.

There are many benefits that illuminated case displays can add to retail stores, such as they can attract more customers, boost sales, and generate more interest in other products within a store. Also, acrylic display cases can be custom made to meet specifications.

For more information about acrylic display cases, feel free to contact Acrylic Display Industries – manufacturer and supplier of fabricated plastic products.

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