Acrylic Display Cases for Collectibles: Your Best Option Instead of Hiding Them Inside a Box

August 24th, 2017

Collectibles come in all shapes, sizes and themes today and instead of just hiding yours away in boxes up in the attic or in another part of your home, you need to display them in an attractive manner for all to see. Acrylic display cases will help you accomplish this task effectively and affordably. We understand this fact because our company, Acrylic Display Industries, carries a wide assortment of these cases along with shelving and other display options. Below, we offer some examples of our products to illustrate our point.

Acrylic Domes

If your collectibles are figurines or small pieces of jewellery, the acrylic domes are ideal to display them. You can even place a signed baseball in one. They come with either a white or a black acrylic base and a clear acrylic dome. With the domes being 63 millimetres in diameter and 80 millimetres in height, they provide a spacious display area. The domes come 10 to a case.

Book Displays

Acrylic book displays come in a variety of styles from easels to wall units. They are ideal to display those first editions, paperbacks, coffee table books or even comic books for that fact. Just select the model that fits your needs in the ideal manner. Carton quantities will vary between model numbers.


If shelves fit your needs in the ideal fashion, we also offer a variety of acrylic ones. Their dimensions vary between models, but you can find ones that offer you sufficient space for your particular collectibles. Three examples of the shelves that we offer are as follows:

• Slatwall bookshelves
• Sloped slatwall shelves
• Slatwall bookshelves

Poster Acrylic Displays

Today, people also enjoy collecting movie, concert and other types of posters. We offer the slatwall, wallmount and easy access poster holders in both portrait and landscape configurations along with various sizes of them. Each style has its own benefits and unique characteristics.


Our acrylic a-frames are ideal for displaying large pieces of artwork, and posters or other printed collectibles. We offer two different models of these that are freestanding and can display elements on the front and back areas.

Feel free to browse through our website to see our expansive collection of products to learn all that we have to offer you in the way of acrylic displays for collectibles. If you do not see the display units that you require for your needs or you require additional information. We promise you courteous customer service at all times along with timely order fulfillment and quality products.

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