Basic Care and Maintenance Tips for Acrylic Displays

March 24th, 2017

While acrylic displays are ideal to showcase a wide assortment of items on or in, you will need to care and maintain them in the proper manner to ensure that they keep their attractive appearance over time. After all, acrylic is not impervious to harm, and there are right and wrong ways to clean it. If you fail to care for these displays in the correct manner, you can scratch or otherwise mar their surfaces and make them unusable in your business. To ensure that you understand how to maintain your displays of acrylic, we provide you with the following tips.

1. Protect the Surface from Rough Objects

When showcasing objects in or on these displays that contain a rough or jagged surface place a mat or other protective material between them and the acrylic to prevent scratches. By taking this action, you will dramatically reduce the risk of damage to the displays.

2. Dust Displays With a Soft Cloth

You will need to dust your acrylic display units several times a week using a soft cloth of some type. We recommend the electro-static cloths since they hold the dust instead of pushing it around to a different location.

3. Never Use Abrasive Cleaners

Never rely on abrasive cleaners such as scouring powder to clean these displays. Cleaners of this nature contain grit that will scratch the acrylic. The same goes for abrasive pads.

4. Avoid Cleaning With Ammonia-Based Solutions

As with abrasive cleaners, you should avoid cleaning your displays with any ammonia-based product, whether it is singular form or other cleaning solutions. Ammonia will cloud and ruin the transparency of acrylic.

5. Mild Detergent and Warm Water Removes Most of the Dirt

Most of the time, a solution of a mild detergent and warm water along with a clean, soft cloth are all that is necessary to remove dirt and grime from your displays. Rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly with a dry soft cloth after washing the displays.

6. Use Acrylic-Friendly Products to Remove Stubborn Stains or Marks

If your displays contain stubborn stains from grease or adhesive residue, you can use either naphtha or kerosene to remove these stains in a safe manner as long as you do so in an area that is well-ventilated. After this, wash off the solvent with the same procedure as in number five on this list.

For further insight into the proper way to care and maintain your displays, contact our company of Acrylic Displays Industries. We have years of experience with this type of displays and offer you a wide selection of quality ones for use in your business.

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