Acrylic Displays Can Help Your Business Brochures and Magazines Become More Inviting to Readers

March 8th, 2017

When your company needs to draw attention to its brochures or magazines, acrylic displays are the answer to make these elements catch the attention of prospective readers, customers or clients, and visitors. Displays of this material come in various styles and sizes to address a wide range of needs. In addition, acrylic is clear, durable and long lasting to serve your needs each day all throughout the year. We provide you details below about some of our products that will fit your needs to display these elements in an ideal manner.

Examples of Acrylic Displays for Brochures

• A4 Brochure Holder is a freestanding tabletop model that measures 30-mm D and is 230-mm L. It will sit neatly on a benchtop, desk or table.

• A4 x 6 Concertina Stand is a floor model exhibition stand for brochures and is made from alloy and acrylic. It measures 1460-mm H, 370-mm D and 280-mm W.

• DL 3 Tier Brochure Holder has three levels of display space for your brochures. Since it is freestanding, you can set it where you need it without attaching it to a wall or cabinet. Its dimensions are 175-mm D x 120-mm W x 210-mm H and it has three spacious pockets.

• A4 Heavy Duty Brochure Dispenser is a floor model that is ideal for displaying brochures at the entryway of your business or other strategic locations throughout the building when necessary. Comes with a clear acrylic brochure holder on top of a black pole and weighted circular base. It has a removable card holder and it is one meter in height.

A Sampling of Acrylic Displays for Magazines

• 680-mm W Slatwall Sloped Shelf is an extra-large wall unit that measures 55-mm D by 325-mm H x 680-mm L. This unit contains a support and a lip that enables it to be an effective display for magazines to attract the attention of readers who enter your business. Its construction is 3-mm clear acrylic.

• 500-mm W Slatwall Book Shelf is another wall unit, but this one contains fins at both ends. Measurements of this model are 500-mm W x 150-mm H x 150-mm D and it is of 3-mm clear acrylic.

To view our entire line of products here at Acrylic Display Industries, browse through our website. We offer quality products that help you showcase a wide range of products and informational publications.

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