Top Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Acrylic Display Showcases

November 18th, 2016

When in search of the ideal showcases for your retail establishment, you should consider the merits of acrylic ones. Their benefits range from easily viewing the merchandise inside to the variety of shapes and sizes available in them today. We provide you with what we consider to be the top five reasons to select acrylic display showcases in your shop in the following list.

1. Offer Views from All Angles

Most display showcases of acrylic offer clear views of the merchandise inside them from all angles. As customers walk by either side or end of them, they can admire the products inside and consider purchasing them. This will help increase your sales and profitability.

2. Durable and Scratch Resistant

Acrylic display cases are scratch resistant and durable. They even are strong enough to handle showcasing items on top of them as well as inside them. Glass, on the other hand, scratches and breaks easier than acrylic does and this is another reason to select acrylic for your display cases. Another way that acrylic is durable is the fact that it resists discolouring under normal conditions.

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Acrylic cleans easily with a mild detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. Never use chemical solutions on this material since you will mar and cloud it. In addition, you can apply a commercial polish on your displays occasionally that is specifically designed to enhance this material.

4. Lightweight

While glass display showcases are heavy and difficult to move if you change your store layout, acrylic ones are lightweight and easy to move to a different location. As a result, you will have greater flexibility with how you can arrange your store in different ways throughout the year if necessary.

5. Come in a Wide Assortment of Styles and Sizes

The last of these top five reasons is that the acrylic display cases come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. You can select the ones that suit your store in a suitable manner. If stock ones will not fit your need, you can order custom ones according to your specifications.

Now that you understand the top reasons for choosing acrylic display showcases, turn to our company, Acrylic Display Industries, to purchase quality ones. We carry hundreds of possibilities for your consideration. Through the 40 years in this plastic industry, we have learned what our clients expect and strive to deliver it with each order. You can see all our offerings on our website along with a sampling of our previous projects.

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