Make Acrylic Displays Part of Your Shopfitting to Showcase Your Products

December 5th, 2016

An integral part of any shopfitting effort is to select the right display units to showcase information or products in an eye-catching manner. While glass elements are available for this purpose today, acrylic displays cost less and are lighter weight than the glass ones are along with being durable and available in a wide assortment of styles.

Acrylic Display Units Cost Less Than Glass Ones

One major benefit of using acrylic display units whenever possible is that they are less expensive than the glass ones are, and this leaves cash in your operating budget to spend on other business necessities. In addition, you will be able to purchase the exact number of displays that you require without stretching out your needs between multiple orders.

You Can Select from a Wide Variety of Display Styles

Acrylic display units come in various styles to fit a multitude of uses. If you are typical of most businesses, you will require different styles to fulfil different purposes throughout your shop. Explore a sampling of these styles in the list that follows:

1. Brochure and Business Card Holders – Holders such as these present your product and company information is a self-service manner. Customers can access your brochures and business cards without assistance from your clerks.

2. Frames for Price or Sale Signs
– Framing price or sale signs protects them to ensure they last as long as you need them to in your shop. In addition, you can hang them on the wall with ease.

3. Dome Displays for Jewellery or Other Items – Acrylic domes will bring attention to rings, earrings or other delicate products in such a way that customers will consider them for part of their purchases.

4. Semi-Circle Pencil Display – With this type of unit, you can showcase pencils in an attention-grabbing way.

5. Various Types of Shelving – Shelves of acrylic are effective display units for magazines and other lightweight products.

Lighter Weight Choice for Display Units

One benefit of acrylic display units that you will definitely appreciate is the fact of them being lighter weight in nature than glass display options are for your shop. For this reason, they are ideal for both temporary and permanent display needs.

Acrylic Is Durable and Long Lasting

Since acrylic resists scratching and will not break easily, it is durable and long lasting. You will reap optimal use of display units of this material when you decide they are the right ones for your shop.

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